Morning Sartorial Suffragettes. Writing bout deep British style last night, and also eccentricity style. And all weekend for that matter, a proper grind out. Us Brit pro-style mongers have become 1st world style butlers. Am not letting it get to me, just saying . Most of the British style companies was writing bout are owned by foreign money outfits. Dunhill owned by Richemont for example, yet doing something good, and so English with Ray & Grand. Desperately doing top end Brit-chic to sell abroad. Its like tribute British Eccentricity for the rich foreigners. We, are, the butlers… Then there's the Row. We are guest 'help' on the Row these days. Am not moaning. Never used to hang round the Row when I was young, so why should I give hoot who owns it? Lets be clear, am prepared to wear the good stuff, and don't care who's holds the deeds. This is not a blog post. This is a background soundtrack with a picture of a hat. The Bowie Fedora from Locks (click). Green's a bit full on go, but makes for a smashing image, no?* Lock Bowie Fedora green side


Lock&Cos Bowie Fedora.

 "Mandate, my ass", Gil Scott-Herons begins his poem below. Stick it on, its actually relaxing. "The Arabs used to be in the 3rd World. They have bought the 2nd World and put a firm down payment on the 1st one. Controlling your resources we'll control your world. This country has been surprised by the way the world looks now. They don't know if they want to be Matt Dillon or Bob Dylan." Sucking it up here in the luxury scene her too. When I got time I'll flesh this simile out…You rang, Mr.Heron

Am doing  a three client split today. Skrein/O'Leary/HTSI, so better go. Have that for a style mandate. Getting all those hats delivered though from Locks for piece on eccentricity, regardless. Might bust one to town with my massive pinstripe lapel/shouldered Sexton. Butler Pimp style might be just the thing for some time with him-off-the-telly. Might also not though.

Stubbs out.

Lock Bowie Fedora

Other Bowie Fedora by Lock&Co.

* very hoping that Lock is British owned. If not, keep it under your hat, no?

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