Hoi Hoi Hoi my Drape-Fiends. Cutting scenes ensued this week, <insert rest of copy/comment> To recap on Autumn, grey is the new back, Roger? Also, <stuff on Dave's crucifix to follow, when got permission from the Bishop of Dungeoness.> This is E.Tautz below. Might have mentioned thought was rather excellent before, and shall again: Great greys. Lovely drape. New volume. New <insert other word>. JPG_8877

Tautal recall, AW15.

Some Third Man stuff, yeah? <insert>. <Hanging about, smashing big coats, long shadows, right?>

Thin/white also good with grey.


Thin white trench.

Talking of volume, check Dave's pants.

<insert words later, remove from list now, though>. Researching Station To Station and related style matters for actual work. Who'd have thought it?

Stubbs is back in the Metropolis, but not out&about due to swellings.


Donegal Tautz, AW15

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