Morning Style Merchants. What is a g'wan? Personally am keeping mein head down while looking for a more bohemian/balearic Autumn. Pi-om-bo… Come on lets go! 18

Shuffler in the corner. Pi-om-bo: Come on lets go.

Wasn't gonna put the video in body, but its got such a beautiful eyeball in it, done by talented and quite mental graphic designer Dave Little for Spectrum. Hello there Dave (click), how tings? Eyeballs are doppio current this week. Flamingo Bonce has been throwing eyes down all over Milan Fashion Week (click) & (click). Give it an eyeball, it's double interesting stuff, evoking TheResidents head-gear stance (click). 


<Some text to separate the images. Nice yeah, hello there..>.



Sexton hats.

Talking head stance, do need another hat to go with this. Eduardo Sexton is doing hats, did you know? Course you didn't,  but there's some actual news for ya, with hatter Justin Smith. Hats look good, and he'd know, as Sexton wears a lovely hat, he does. Anyway, get a good hat, get your head down. With a big coat, and of course do deploy liberal scarf action. Standard stuff, no?


 Burbs, AW15

Actual atmosphere, precision wise, it's actually all about this track for me this week. Got such a nice little shuffle to it, no? A theme for todays sortie into Zi Vest End/work at desk, depending on how pans out. Thanks Mulatu


See, am supposed to be writing something bout Eccentric/Bohemian something or other, so keep looking at this. Not sure what to do, but this is whats happening. Also, am getting big coats out of storage and putting away a Panama. Must be autumn. Right Haider?

Ackermann _A2X0245

 Haider Ackermann, AW15

So, heads down, eyes up and keep it bohemianish, right? …some more stuff? Not sure if mean bohemian or eccentric. Will wear some out on my push-bike and get back to ya. 

Stubbs out in The Metropolis. 

PS. Talking eyeballs, play The Residents, Kaw Liga below. Its so, so relaxing. Shout out to Editor Caragh McKay, who used to sing Kaw Liga on the Scottish Country&West club circuit. Reckon she should start again, as it goes.


PPS. While we doing leopard, which is eye motif but done in fur, theres this too from Burbs. Look at trench in the background. Bryan in his early days would have buzzed for a bit of it, nein?

burberry leopard

Burbs, AW15. 


More Piombo. Buona notte.

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