Afternoon Style Mongers. Its raining in a way thats ruthless, so, are you really reddy? This, is a holding page… Super stash new tracky tho', non? Was super impressed by this new collection by Hermes. Hermes red track

 Hermes En Ville Sports range tracky, new for January. 

More from Hermes SS16 press day later, promise, as En Ville Sport range was kicking it. But then, so were the fragrances…ah..  La Collection des Parfums Classiques, were very interesting and yet surprisingly less than a long 'en to buy. Am an Hermessence man (click), but these were double good. More on this too, for sure…Scratch & sniff blog required to do justice though: Track&Sniff style.

Stay tuned… Meanwhile, also today on S&E, Obaa's doing this..

Fuck editoral/keep shacking/thanks awfully all viewers. Hitting the wet streets of the Metrop' right now. Could be far worse.

So, off too Rubinacci, Bottega, Smythsons,  yeah yeah yeah..


La Collection des Parfums Classiques.

 Stubbs out in the Metropolis.

PS. "Its raining in a way thats ruthless.." lyric from Stanley Brinks track below. Good fun, no?