Good early morning Style Merchants. Suddenly I can't seem to place the images I fancy on here due to I.T. intervention elsewhere. It is a minor frankly. One don't need a blog to talk to god, rite? I just cut the head off a Dover Soul and speak direct… regardless, have a listen to Goat: Little bit of Flowered Ups Weekender in the base at the end, do you hear it my brothers? Wanna do something on stretch clothing. Stretch is the new fitted. IMG_1245

Altarations: Brown drill drapes and meter rule to go.

Meanwhile, talking of fitted, Chippy Ian is due later this morning to hang shutters in my bay window. Its been since last Summer since the sash went in, and have had cotton drill  draped at the windows since Milan shows in January. I'll miss those chocolate drill sheet curtain guys, with brass rings at the corners. Funny how you get used to stuff. Dare I think this is the last time I'll hoist them down with the metal metre rule that now presides over the bay? Could it be another false dawn. Have you met False Dawn?

Even delivering the sacred polish brass shutter hinges has been an act of some faith. Chippy Ian: window shutter prophet. Lets not hold our breaths, right? C.I.s record aint great on deliverance… 


<insert hinge pun. unhinged, hinge benefits etc.>

Stubbs out.

PS. Turns out I can upload images, after all, like this Emporio Armani stretch crepe POW suit. Was loving it. You will hear more of this development.


 Emporio stretch POW crepe: Rowdy.

PPS. Can upload what I like again, such as this from the film Borsalino. Some smart Dunhill do tonight in town, and this almost makes me wanna don three piece. Host put a request in for quick retorts. In November! Whatever next?


 Stretch you righ' ou': Jean-Paul Belmondo & Alain Delon