Morning Style Mongers. This is the Emporio Armani stretch quasi seersucker/macro-check embossed cotton Prince of Wales check double-breasted suit that mentioned. I am very impressed by it, even by cloth definition alone. Jacket is £750, pleated trousers £540. A totes steal. Seriously, loving that stretch jacket style. Tres mod-ern. Actually into how this suit is styled too. Does anyone fancy approaching Grandad collar shirts soon?  This is slim-fit shirt in cotton crepe, £200, in green myrtle. Might give it a whirl come Spring. Have seen some good ones. How bout getting beret'd-up, though? This is like shopping, non? _EMP0045-1

Spesh cloth: Emporio Armani SS16

Been looking at a futuristic/modernist take on tailoring. Now am digging this green/grey D.B. look right down below too, the hats are a side order. that said, berets were cropping up at Gucci too, even if a trifle Frank Spencer (click).


All anyones talking about: Gucci SS16

Heading town to look at SS16 in general, and to cast berets for this whole look later, while listening to Stereolab for suitable French edge to the afternoon. Stick it on, oui? On a more English level, gonna touch cloth at A&S, likely with Massey Inc.


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Look at the length on the Emporio plain-weave seersucker  peak lapels, myrtle green DB jacket (£680)! Pants (£350). Love myrtle green, non? Still working though, worn with no shirt/top showing. Tried it on, and its a brilliant piece, has a stretch, and everything. Thinking on… gonna run this all  past true Beret-Protagonist, Christos Tolera (click). 


 Spesh style: Emporio Armani SS16

Let you know what he says…

Christos Tolera

 Christos, keeping it Otto Preminger/real. What could go wrong with this stance?

Stubbs is out in The Metropolis.

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