Afternoon Style Merchants. Travel suits to go running in, yeah? Right. Was too, too swerve-backed and raspberry-crooked to even swim/walk/cycle yesterday, so hoping for more action later today. Had my shutters primed instead (not a euphemism). Do you like this modern sart' below then? Amies _CHR0641

 Hardy Amies SS16

Its in a matt technical summer nylon, a 3 button on the roll suit from Amies. Thought Mehmet Ali played a blinder for Spring '16, non? Regardless, stick Brian Jonestown Massacre and give it a whirl/run. Busy week for all, right? Proper Vad Hände Med Dem!

To be straight, am trying to do a mood board, and this really isn't helping man. Its just not. That's pure silk from Fendi below, modelled by Steven.

Stubbs out.


 Steve 'Silk' Fendi , SS'16.

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