Evening Style Merchants. The rumours are true. Wogan has prolapsed quite badly in the early hours of this morning when his private hoist was miss-deployed. Early signs are he will be back in reasonable shape later this month, but for now, thats not the only gap thats been opened up unexpectedly. The schedule is gaping too, and someone needs to present the Charity-athon. Who can take over this mantle? Who else: Been deployed on semi-emergency mission to Elstree TV Studios to dress Matey-off-the-Telly to helm Children Of Needy. Get your track suit off Super-Derm, we've got a game.  capsule sport 1_bis


Hermes en Ville training gear, SS16.

Okay, its not actually a tracksuit, but it is a lovely green. This Hermes en Ville training stuff is the best sportswear I've ever handled. Pinnacle of luxe-sport kit. <Insert detail bout the stuff>. Really.  Meanwhile, sticking tightly to the beret themed week, been listening to this today/yest… Here it is: retro P.E.!


TV suckers on the other side, I know you hate, my Nan's 98! Shout out the Carter Family who buried their dear Mum who was 99, today. Big Up Nora Carter, aka Paddy! Bastion of Keynsham and Frys Chocolate Factory. Hope you're feeling strong Siobhan. My sister Ju was representing The Stubbs Crew. Shout out Ju. Updates to follow..

In other news, Chippy Ian finally showed. Got three out of four shutter doors up before the inevitable happened and he ran out of screws/time/light. Happy to be in the shutter game now at least. Now I know how Meatloaf felt, approximately, too..

Stubbs (three) out (of four aint bad).