Morning Style Mongers. Told you there was a flower theme this week, right? Dead-Heading. Yeah? Anyone? Never mind, seen this? Deadpool. Don't watch superhero films ever, but this isn't one. It's actually funny & dark by the look of the trailer. My boy Ed Skrein is the baddy, Ajax, attempting to trifle with that Ryan Reynolds throughout. G'wan the British/London guy.

Been working on style looks all week for the press days/screenings in London tomorrow and New York next week. For today in London Skrein is gonna be busting this Alexander McQueen jacquard woven bomber with velvet Sam Brown holster detail. Sinister street style, non?


Don't know if can see the fabric in this shot, but is really special. Subtle, chic, unusual, and cool. Note. the cuffs have thumb holes, and fold back, right, and are not compulsory. Also, Black Air Max 90s (click) and later Louboutin grey leather or suede Chelsea boots. Loub' image to come.

Skrein Road Flex: Black Nike Air Max 90s.


Louboutin boots, but more grey. More grey.

Add black Burbs jeans, film actors own, charcoal grey melange knit by our pals John Smedley and we're there. He looks like a suave cat burglar, I think. More style bits when I get 'em, but still not finalised Ed's kettle so better sign off and get fizzing, Roger?

Stubbs out.

PS. Below is not a work in progress, this just happened to be the team look when showed up for a fitting at Ed's bits: Marl joggers, check. White wife beater, check. After that we diverge a little on the visuals. I might be receding, but Ed's actually wearing a piece in this shot. Can you spot it? Joe Mills to do us both a hair-favour later, right Joseph: How the finger? Stopped bleeding yet? #WhiteGoodsError


Vest good friends.

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