Evening Style Merchants. As ever, so I am so useless at keeping up. Its a far cry from when I launched this series of notes bout 6 years ago, but still… Am in a phase of Milan fashion week, and its just fine. bit different from normal perhaps but enjoying it enough. For now, please listen to these tracks. Thats as much as can offer up. Again, sorry, things aren't normal. Music is still the unswerable importance, right? Thank that and the other pagan gods. morning sun. freezing breath. brand new Italian sun. that'll do me, amen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rL4S8yoOoAY

There's quite a lot of blokes sleeping in the park in Milan still, even though its winter. I am certain I wouldn't like do have to do that. 


Stubbs out.

PS. Some style stuff at some point, right?