Afternoon Style Mongers. For me zi fashions are over, jah? As Paris dawdles on, am double glad to be yarded again in London. Missed the place. Missed the people. People. Some people missing. Some sadness, but that is life, yeah? That is what we sign up for, right? Tell ya what, being sad in obscene luxury is totes vile. Much better at home. Bring it on home. Stick on Kurt Vile and then look at some Cerruti AW16, right?

Gonna write more about the Cerruti 1881 collection, but right now the suns out and gonna pay homage to the market deities, cheese, fish, meat. Later the flower gods.


I will say J.B. held back and let Cerruti be what is should be. Draped, elegant, modern and about modern luxe fabric. Its metropolitan and not retro. He hid well and let the house&mill  function. Bravo.


Loved this take on shearling. Proper modern, easy luxe.


As I say, Ra is in full effect, so off out. Always brings out the hippy in me. Dig Hawkwind bredrins and be free.


Stubbs out, not down.

Told ya was gonna be good. Was good.