Morning Style Mongers. Gonna be working strong floral theme this week. Flowers here are Strelitzia, or Birds of Paradise. Jug was Christmas present from a beloved one, now flown. Flowers are from Columbia Road, obvs, and blue is 'Hague' and very blue. Its gonna be a cold and very blue February too, kind of. Still, sun god Ra is in effect, thankfully.   IMG_3827

Flight of the orange birds of Paradise.

Gonna pay homage to the water and set things right again; At das Lido, naturally. Don't woz, things gonna brighten up, just had to lay this truth down. Christos Tolera's done some lovely flower based work, and he's got an exhibition on 4th February in Stokey. Its gonna be good. Thats coming later this week. And some style. Really. Hold tight.

Stubbs out.

PS. I just had to change the song. Had to stop fucking about. Had to be Joni, Blue, in the end. Hits the mark. Always Joni..



Bird of Paradise by Robert Mapplethorpe.