Evening Style Mongers. Not seen a popped shawl collar since Sid did My Way, no? Then at The Savile Club tonight, we saw Dunhills new stuff as a presentation. Partic' good was this evening wear, styled with a trifle-Brit-attitude. Dunhill looks great. Thorough bred, with depth, but still with the balls to break it a bit.  IMG_2708

 Dunhill AW16

Really liked it for that John. Made whole thing live. Its got the bredth, the clout, but also the personality and house to mess about with it. 


 Sid-My Way 1978.

As London Collection:MensDem toddles on, and day III just happened, stuff happened, natch, NB. have done a singlet or round neck in ref to Polodemic in previous note. But more importantly <some other stuff>.

Kilgour also very good. More

Kilgour patterns

Kilgour's pattern installation. 

J.B.' Gieves as good. <insert G&H stuff>

Stubbs out.

If you fancy a refresher on Vicious's performance, have a shufty below.

P.S. Someone quite important's dead. So cutting this short.