Morning Style Mongers. Having fled to Mexico am now in a little Rancho in remote plot on a nature reserve near Tulum. I've heard gloom has descended on London, but for those left in The Metropolis, if its any consolation, I've been working, mainly. There is this sort of scene going down, but its largely a simple life we are leading.  IMG_2102

 Kath Creole: Will sit on coconuts for cash.

Stick this Lafayette Afro Rock Bank track on below on for some suitable atoms' then amuse self by naming some artists who've sampled it. I'll kick you off with P.E.  … I am mostly wearing Speedos, Oliver Peoples, a battered straw hat and the occasional smirk.

I've also been experimenting with the idea of printed silk dressing gown as day/outwear. Its part of some research am doing in the name of style.


Noel's housecoat party.

Channelling Coward is making more discerning/demanding however.


Mexican Sonos download.

The Room Service is not quite what Noel was accustomed to I imagine though.

Stubbs out.

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