Morning Style Merchants. In Paris now, staying in most lavish hotel suite I've ever stepped snaffled-foot in. And its shoes that are footing the bill, thank you J.M.Weston, in honour of their Yves Klein Blue Moccasin  (or Penny Loafer), which got launched last night. It seems the Y.K. foundation gave Michele Perry, Creative Director, their blessing and a 5L can of their finest blue paint and said off you go Mich'. In Parisian though, of course. Never seen a bluer suede shoe in my career. Congratulations all round IMG_3716

Klein'd of Blue- J.M.Weston's Yves Klein Mocasins.

Now writing in bed, in totes-lap of luxe in said Raffles Hotel but with lap-top glued to fingers, as pour. The Royal Monceau on Avenue Roche is off the hook-posh, but am too under-le-cosh/dashing about and a trifle too fatigued to eat more than three Oreos last night. Typical. Hope to file some lyrics and hit das spa to relax via my direct inception mirrored lift that comes with room. The khazi/space-bidet is advanced beyond anything I've ever clocked/ponied on. Aside from specifying how many litres of flush one wants, and vibrating at suitable frequencies  it has a surface to arsehole tracking system for the rinse off. You don't believe me, but its true. Too, too flush.

Nino Cerruti, couturier italien. 1970.     LIP-31733-004

 Whoa, whoa, whoa Nino: Cerruti, back in the day.

Douches aside men, the most important moment of Paris week is 'bout to happen. No messing. Jason Basmajian, also of Creative Officer of Gieve&Hawkes and tings, is 'bout to debut his first full Cerruti collection. Its a major deal. Cerruti is a proper menswear sleeping giant, not been what is should since early 1980s, and J.B. is one of the hottest thinker/mover/executers in recent serious menswear history. It has a significant history, and its ethos is super right for right now. Its gonna big. Its gonna critical. Trust man. 

Stubbs out/in bed.


 Les sad little Selfie.

PS. Been wanting a Hermes Poncho for years. Heading there later in name of luxe-research. As Paris fashion week crawls onwards (5 days of it ffs) to me it feels like this is the time to acquire le Poncho.


A few tassels more.


Actual French Windows. Paris, France.


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