Evening Style Merchants. Quick note, being as lagging behind for a day, naturally, but jus' finished LC:M Day I, yeah, and before one can make a sniff of a prediction bout style forecast etc the damn thing's just started. Now  compelled to  report that bloody Polo-Necks are now so bleeding overground in Mens Fashion that was properly uncomfortable to be out in one/them in such massive clusters today. Columns of us were lining up in the Marks Club earlier for Savile Row Ambassadors bash. QB. Sounds oversensitive? It was comedic. Was totes envious of head waiting bloke <Edgar? insert name!?> in <cream tux SB jacket, different vest, tie et al.>  IMG_2321

PrivateWhiteVC AW16

Meanwhile, this ain't a polo-neck above, its a sailors-roll-neck fisherman's cable, as showcased at PWVCs surprisingly banging bash in the Duke Street HQ. Should have seem their man like Mike Stoll doing EcoSeam Ventile magic tricks with rose wine. Proper Tommy Cooper stuff. Shout out Stolly. Keep it up.

See, back to the epidemic problem, it was polo necks under tailoring  Thats is to say dark roll neck with dark tailoring is bloody epidemic. Briefed D.O'L. to wear a nice tonal shirt & tie combo for his Ambassadors look.


 Lybro crew at Cabourn.

Meanwhile, really liked Nigel Cabourns proper showing of newly revitalised brand he's running alongside, Lybro. More to come.


 Cabourn check coat, mackintosh fabric, with exemplary detailing, best fabrics. Killer coat. 

Back toe the Polo-Neck club, all the ambassadors turned up wearing their various new suits. Him Of The Telly wore a polo too after agreeing otherwise at briefing. No conception.

Note. Sexton Inc, dishing out chic&suave in equal measures gave the Marks Clubs a run for its clientele. 


 Joan & Edward Sexton


Craig Green AW16

Liking what say from Craig Boy Green, btw. Will find some footage of the Polo-OverDose later, but for now,  having Rethink/Remodel of looks this morning. More.


PS. been tweety/gramm-ing like a bitch to survive.



Shout out to Man Like Mohammad, No.47, Lavinia's Conceirge. Yes, bless.



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