Good day dear Style Merchants. Regard my view of the Geneva S.I.H.H watch fair below. Inspiring stuff, no? Lake's and all that where am at. Critically, I need to inform you that I have become Pagan. The only things that has made sense to me for sometime are paying homage to gods of elements and fundamentals. Just feels right every day. Stick Bauhaus track on below and look, yeah? Put in mind, cos just did the whole Geneva watch fair in 8 hours flat: Squash every fashion week into a day IMG_3677

 Buoyed spirits.

All came dead clear in Tulum that Paganism was what working. Daily engagement with sea & sun & wind for ages on basic level. Relentless waves bashing through the night. So am planning to become a post modern pagan fundamentalist. I’m not sure what that entails yet, but making it up as go along is working for me. Seems to be legit these days though, no?

Am working first making league table of main deities that cover emotion and physical sensation. The premiership obv's includes air, & sun and that, and of course the god of music. I need daily pilgrimages to wind, air, and sun etc. But also consider the actions more minor gods of luck, lateness and back strains, for example. Stylistic truth is major being that I sacrifice to when I can. Most days, as it goes.

The spectre of lateness, wrongness, fear and failure also whirr  about. Ghosts of all sorts of previous fuck-ups and mishaps float just outside periphery, but are there. Paying homage to the water air and even gravity keeps them at bay, see? Tense demons of travel hang-ups patrol the luggage area of my style cellar. My Wahl clippers have gone mental and sound like pneumatic drill, adding to the moment. Its all quite strong. Here's the nearest thing to the sun from the show yesterday: The new yellow gold Audermars Piguet Royal Oak. Proper Ra!


The Royal Yolk.

Stubbs out.

PS. This songs a bit dead special to me and someone, & just got the right version down during my morning prayer offerings to music by the Lake.  It's the song from me to you darlink. Not sure you tune in to this anymore though. It'd make my day if you heard it. Best shan't hold my breath to long, though.

PPS. Looking back, my best playlist of 2015 was August. This was well on it. Shall I bring yous into it?