Morning Style Mongers. Down at the Lido, it was so dismal, I was just standing with shock in my black Speedos. Sad description, oh I was just looking for you….. do excuse moi, just needed to get that off my chest. Right, so its The Baftas this Sunday, so tons of good, bad & ugly black tie efforts to gawp at on the red carpet. Saw that Jeremy Hackett last night down the Savoy with his crew. He can certainly cut it for black tie. Look at him: telling it like it is. Has even done himself a black Cartier Tank, too. Black Tie/Black Kettle. Did in his shed at home with some refined hammerite and a pair of tiny pliers he got out of a posh cracker, ffs. Bamford who? FullSizeRender

Mr.Hackett does black&white

Another take on black tie below from Smith, deconstructed style.

Patti - Rodondo Beach - does black tie.

Jeremy looked immaculate yet relaxed as ever last night. He had a small white leather dog looking out of his pocket. All executed effortlessly and correctly, but subtly relaxed. Does help if you are Mr.Hackett in these instances though.

Feeling Rodondo Beach this weekend as its a sad but good song about someone being gone. Topical. 


Black Tank

Later on today…Down on the red carpet, it was so dismal, actors just standing with ties and their braces. <insert rest of comments-working on it>. Found this actually from Bamford Watch  x Cartier. Its a Nail bangle, but PVD'd. Limited to invite only, for Christ sake. Good though.



Carts x Bamford Coffin Nail Bangle.

 I was looking for you but you had gone, gone

Stubbs out.

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