Evening Style Merchants. Going through brief stationary moment at the moment. Will be back at full speed again soon. Madres 86th birthday tomoz and the like, requires direct action. Its all in hand, yeah?

 Thinking inside the envelope.

Mary doesnt read the blog anymore, so can reveal have got her two handbags from John Lewis, nice ones mind, to choose one (other goes back, using the infamous no-squiggle refund) as her current one is doing everyones head in. Its not even bloody leather, and its filled with shite/detritus (de-shitetus?) (following quote from resent correspondence during research) ..

"can't be too small as it needs a certain number of pairs of glasses (4-6), Ventolin/Berotec inhalers (2-4), boxes of Cocodamol junky strength (numerous packets) and over a hundred and twenty screwed up tissues, various…"

If the list got ya down, try this little song above, also from December playlist. Its a cracker, non? A The Pretenders cover, obvs. So, the new bags will usher in a new era. I fancy a new era. Cant eat tonight, just just drinking tea, student style…Also got Mary some big clean white mens handkerchiefs. She'll be well pleased. With it all. I think. Right.

Stubbs out.


Valentines Day Massacre open casket. Amaryllis to go, go.

Madre Gift pile.

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