Evening Style Merchants. What g'wan, you lot? This is probably really dull post. Don't care at the moment. Am hoping its cathartic to write, as things aren't mad cheery. What does one expect, it is February, ffs, so just braving whats coming and keeping on. Here's a note about The Stubbs family bird bath. Just got back from visiting the Madre last week, her 86th birthday. While was in the Keynsham manor, had another little spot of family 'loom looting. This time the bird bath.  IMG_0006


 Keynsham Friday night sports special: Bird Bath hurling

Was my Granddads, who I never met, on my Dad's side. He was called Fred. Frederick Thomas. He was a Victorian. Don, my old man, used to have it in our front garden. During my teenage years, in the 80's, it used to get hurled through next  doors hedge quite regularly on a Friday and Saturday night, particularly during the summer months. Top bit always, often the pedestal too. Not sure who they were picking on really, Don or me. Or both. Quite funny. I found who the ring leaders were years later. Steve Maggs was the main one. Big fat bloke. I used to laugh at Don's frustration. Don asked my sisters bricklayer husband, Mac, if he'd apply some mortar to cement the parts together as prevention. Mac suggested he stuck it in the back garden, instead. That did the trick. Much better organised all round. Keeping steady to level my head at the moment. Making errors, but this track is helping. Lee? Tek it away..

And there, at 15 Evenlode Way, the bird bath stayed there until now. Now selling the gaff as Mums 'gone into' a home, us siblings are looting at will. Quality heirlooms are a bit thin on the ground as it goes, but doing what we can. You've seen the Wedgwood, well the bird is the my next claim.  I love it. I've only got a small garden and the little square raised paved plinth I laid looks like it was made for it. It looks better in the small space, I think. No one else has seen it, bar you lot. I've got mainly rather bourgeois birds that visit, so been filling it with San Pellegrino. Seems to be kicking off pretty well with the peanut crew. 


Eveninglode Way,  back in the day. Well…this time last year.

The bath reminded me of something from this Spinal Tap clip. See below. Stone'enge…. Mr.Dapper Matt Biffa pointed this out on Instrgam too. "Stonehenge. Where the Banshees live and they do live well." too silly/funny.


Bird bath scene, E5.

I had something else to mention but it escapes me. Style based maybe… Ah yes, my mid-life crisis in a box arrived. Can be bothered to get em out, too blunted. Too, too blunted. 


 Cuban middle-life crisis, by Saint Laurent

Worn 'em to Mr.Porter/Esquire bash last night at Savile Club with Holden. It was good. Stuff to talk about, but not got the energy of the verve to even try and make it interesting. Thanks for bearing with. Boot related track below is for free. Step out of Babylon.

Note. No ones done any bath hurling yet, but I've learned to be cautious.

Stubbs* out. 

*Only remaining Stubbs branch/name carrier, bar The Madre.


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