Evening Style Merchants. So lets viddy some style & stuff from the shows that just went down. Double regret not being about to witness certain moments in Paris mens, but alas was socially thwarted. A couple of omissions haunt me.  The Umit Benan (click) show was one event I'd particularly love to have been at. Just looh at it, ffs? Benan is a full-blown banging Style-Monger. Non? This is the best show out of the lot of 'em. Quote me, bitches. Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 21.32.08

Check his site. He's not doing bloody fashion: He's doing resonant styled characters in context. Too, too good. Actually cool. Am gonna try and get immersed. Latest chapter, debuted in Paris the other week was 'Tokyo Diaries".

Umit Benan AW16-6583

Stick the track on below, the boys fancy a shuffle, right guys?

Japan lads style is great but confusing in this instance. Semi-ignore it, Roger?

Menswear Fall/Winter 2016-2017

Benan's a masterful stylist, but also he's channeling masculinity so convincingly yet not in daft fash' manner, we must take note. Casting is spot on, too.

Menswear Fall/Winter 2016-2017

Kimono influence is gonna be a thing, trust man.

Menswear Fall/Winter 2016-2017

 Some other stylish stuff from Umit AW16

Will get more articulate tomorrow, really I will, but for now wanted to show and tell.

Stubbs out.

Umit Benan AW16-6720

 Still or sparking?