Evening Style Merchants. Did some blistering Speed Flâneuring Thursday/yesterday. Aside from catching up on last minute bits for Ed Skrein's Deadpool looks for NYC press, I generally packed him off nicely for The Model film  he stars in (click), with the press do in Gothenburg today, see below. He's in Thom Sweeney grey cashmere corduroy three piece, charcoal Smedley polo neck and grey John Lobb Oxfords. After that, in lieu of downtime,  was even running returns about the gaff like a worky, by hand/Saab, just to take edge off the mounting Flying Flea courier bill.


 Skrein and Maria Palm at screening. Star in The Model, in  Gotthemberg 

As was in The Metropolis and Aero'd up, was not a problem, slotted between dipping into  LMC, Orlebar Brown, A&S, and Jean Rousseau to say hello, touch cloth, order new bespoke suit and watch strap respectively. See below for the dull iphone swatch snaps. (So miss my camera, Fuck you Canon: get on and mend it you slags). However Thursday day was more of a limber up for Christos' 'Homecoming' exhibition, in Dalston, see previous, which was naturally very good. Liked the Tolera photographs a great deal. Plus the bare heads gathered  in unusual space was a smashing upbeat moment. Between Weatheral, Roland, Perry,  McKell, <blah> and Jack The Pak + the usual inner circle, it was lively gallery of jokers/players and hat wearers. Beret count was disappointingly low though, at only one.  <Gonna get images and insert, righty?>


Gieves & Hawkes choco-cash' with mink collar, AW14

So, I dropped a new look been thinking bout for the event, working title Rockin' Car Lot Magnate.  Its basically the mink&mere Gieves coat above, dropped with Canali ivory silk blazer, a vest, jeans and MrHare Sony brown suede boots (clicky) with a cuban heel. Plus a big blow dry and a bit of yellow gold. Was double happy with that flex for a glam-gall-openin' look, 'till Holden's bowled up and instantly tourettes/renamed it "Orthodox Jew evacuates building hurriedly" Danger: Rabbi in state of undress..

Really took the edge off it for me. I'd been so full of praise for his Snacks Precusion phone call concept, only hours before. Typical. Didn't stop me taking JacMac & Peter Perry to The (Correct) Mangal, which is all of 110 yards away, on Arcolas. Had a sartorial/culinary clash issue then regarding layers. One simply can't  sit & eat a Special with Outlaws* in a ivory silk blazer, right? So stripped it off. When Christos arrived, he totally tore the arse out of me for eating in a packed Mangal with only a singlet and gold jewellery on. Said looked like was taking piss out of the in house Gon-bers**. But what, what to do? Eventually slipped the Canali blazer back on, only to promptly chilli sauce the fuck out of it. No conception..

mink&blow dry in rain

"Orthadox Jew Unexpected Building Evacuation" look in rain.

Boring stuff coming up: This flannel felt like a luxury fabric choice, as realised I don't reach for dark suits much any more in my wardrobe anymore. Three piece DB, with wide, high, seriously pleased pants,  by Anderson&Sheppard. Non? Rejected a choc/charc' POW with strong cobalt blue overcheck, as just don't fink wanna wear dark lounge suits full stop. iPhone snap is pony though. Did I mention that Canon are wankers? They are. Am telling Margolis at the FT 'bout them if they don't fix up/my camera.


9oz melanagey, minky, flannel.

As already dragged on about this; ordered another watch strap for my perpetual grime attracting IWC Ingeniuer. Taupey crocco from Jean Rousseau


Croc-strap, mink/grey? its an emerging theme..

In other style news, concerned hair might be Louis Van Gaaling-out a bit (click). Far from ideal: Basically syrup-tendencies, and set too far back on the head. Last week it (DonaldTrumped to fuck with too much swirl/volume, now its bleeding well Gaalin' all over shop…No conception. Talking of which, is Emilys Luxury Book Club 2 tonight at Genesis cinema (click). Martin Amies London Fields is zi book in qvestion.


Martin Amies in black tie. Tonight at Luxury Book Club II.

last one was good, but Amis/London Fields debate will be more controversial/entertaining of  who' I reckon. Seems like only last week or so was L.B.C. No.1. But it weren't. December was a long, long way away, on the other side.. On that note, I'll leave you.

Stubbs out.

PS. This is another track from December 2015's playlist, more telling that one ever knew at time. 

* Outlaw Josie Wales, Quails.

** Gon-berserk, Turks.


Skrein in grey/green Thom Sweeney cashmere-cord.

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