Morning Style Mongers. Stuff abounds, time for words one here less so, though lots want to mention. Will catch up, shortly. Been reading High Rise by J.G.Ballard on the bidding of the Literary Ripper. Am a slow reader (and writer) but the thing is engaging, tense and claustrophobic. Am only in the intro yet but already it makes me bloody grateful I live in ground floor of Victorian terrace house. Anxious dystopian shit storm, etc. 389px-HighRise(1stEd)

 Original High Rise cover from 1975.

Then it turns out Frient (friend and client) actor Luke Evans is in the film of the book about to come out later this month. Embarrassing not to be up to speed, but pleasing too as looks really very good film indeed, Directed by Ben Wheatley who made Kill List. Luke's part looks properly meaty, not to mention his hair and tache looking especially luxuriant. And he sounds double Welsh in it. Which he actually is. Shout out to all the Welsh for St.Dave's Day. Oh, Jezza Irons and Tom Hiddlez also looking good, I have to mention.


Stuff to catch up on, includes gift that keep on gifting/re-gifting and Mallon streaks. Also like this from Casely-Hayford below. Fella in the green below looks like he's had to leave a high-rise cocktail party to go and give the heating system a thump. Sort of.

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 19.07.19

 Casely-Hayford SS16, green cotton by Holland&Sherry.

Diggin' that look strongly. No shirt. A vest perhaps? Bins in the cellar with a sturdy pair of boots. Can't go wrong. Casely-Hayford are just launching 48 hours made-to-order service out of Harvey Nichols too. I like their custom tailoring a great deal having worked closely and seen what their ethos entails. Offers starts from £1,495, and includes details involving 40 measure and 50 areas of customisation. It works. I’ve worked with Charlie Casely-Hayford before and its a good, modern service. Typically featuring modern streamline silhouette with sloping shoulders, and curved tubular sleeves with rope shoulders. Very good fabric edit too, build avail' half and full canvas. Got some more images. Cant work out how they're doing it in 48 hours, but not had chance to ask properly. Typically. Will run 'em past you when I do. Gotta breeze right now tho'.

Stubbs out/live from the style-cellar.

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