Morning Style Fiends. What a g'wan? Just love those mornings where one starves self from waking super early to an equally early run. Something so utterly clean and simple bout the feeling, bar a doppio espresso taken in either the family Wedgewood coffee cups or perhaps the solitary Hermes Chaine d'ancre number. Like I said, simple life, with a luxe-slant*. Just the charged up hunger run, the cold air and the open road/park/canal. Then there's the music, of course. IMG_0470

 Chain d'ancre kick starter road trip scene.

Always the music. Today, a road trips themes that have been backing up are unleashed in time for a road trip to the south coast. Later on, at High Noon. Hardly Route 66, granted, but the A3'll do me & The Aero just fine. Starting my road bid with this number by The Greenhornes from 2005. In my MrHare Sonnys (click) buckled up, I'll be off to this end..

Off to style a racing driver later. Well Monday. His dad was significant in the Seventies, also the Eighties a bit. James Hunt. We're doing young Freddie. The past  might have had an effect on what I've pulled. Hope they're alright with the Seventies for at least some of the shoot. The Globe-Trotters are packed with some wicked printed silk Trussardi shirts. Not sure who they're really for. Forget the hat, had to crop off the pants as they got so wrong, but like the leather jacket and the shirt, no? Got polo necks too, mind. Obvs polo necks.


Trussardi AW16

Regardlles, also got my old, fav', lost bins back too. Thats what really matters. Am keeping' em. Outlaw style. Am back.. Taling outlaws, am also feeling David Crosby. Tek it Dave

Stubbs out.

*<to the tune of Buffalo Stance> #Feeling good, hanging with the chaine d'ancre, looking good in luxury-stance# Enough of that, but talking more luxe, also got this gorgeous suede jacket in from Bottega on board. Well nice no? Like a paired down modern stylised safari jacket. Should feel it/see it. Its a totes tool. Gonna drop it, for sure.


Bottega Veneta SS16

One more thing. Also got this track in my head. Heaven by The Stones. From Tattoo You. (Tattoo Everyfucker would be a more relevant title today, no? Or Tattoo All Idiots?Just a thought. Only kidding. Am probably jealous). Really need to get Seymour moving on sticking that aux jack into the Aero, otherwise this shit is academic while actually driving….Seymour!!

PS.Present which keeps on giving <note to finish>

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 08.02.37

Current prevailing footwear for me: Mr Hare 'Sonnys' 

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