Morning Style Mongers. Left The Aero on a single yella on my road last night before over cooking plaice for Holden at Lavinia Villa. Just dutifully went to move at 8.28am, before the 8.30am parking zone kicks in. Saab gone gone. They've moved hours to 6.30am and my car with it. Didnt tell no mans. They've stuck it in the pound. In the pound. In the pound. Where the sun don't ever shine… (Just off Mare Street, as it goes).  IMG_0956

 Hackney: In the pound/in the pines.

Which, by google, just discovered isn't the lyrics to Where Did You Sleep Last Night, by Leadbelly. Are actually in the pines, in the pines… ffs. All these years been thinking that wrong. Just goes to show. You think you know something…wonder what else I could have wrong? Talking of wrong: Totes hating at the borough for choring my car from my own road. Could have called man off my permit and said "you've got a ticket, come move it", but no, went and took it to other side of manor and fined me. Fuckers. Am legit permit guy, ffs! Stop bleeding your people for the sake if it. Will get revenge. At some point. Trust. Meanwhile in The Middle…


 Paul Smith mainline AW16 houndstooth check overcoat. Wicked, roomy cut. Diggin' strongly.

So, had to retrieve said Aero  (£200 down) before even going to The Middle for apts at Anderson&Sheppard (suit fitting), Paul Smith (AW16 press day), Joe Mills (cut&blowie).. all those sort of guys <this count as style content, right?>.

This is a heavyweight song though, no? Nirvana made it famous in popular culture doing it for Unplugged. Wicked base on this. Leadbelly himself is dragging us through the misery of it all after the dull signature. This is looking like it might well be a no-style-style post <maybe?>. Maybe would have been better to use a Patti lyric? 


 For Anderson&Sheppard D.B. 3P lounge suit in Holland & Sherry 753107 Biscuit/Fawn Flannel (9oz)

Its lightweight fabric though, no? Having three piece double breasted suit made by Leon (coat maker) & MrMalone (trouser maker) at Anderson&Sheppard in this gorgeous drapey flannel, see above. Its shaping up like tailored, draped tailored knitwear ensemble. Very luxe. Its timeless and think gonna be gorgeous. Nice long unstructured coat with soft chest, large high peak lapels. Its special looking, non-fashion but super chic tonal affair. Relatively subtle. Pants have deep double pleats. are gonna be properly spesh. These are the dark horn matt buttons going for and can see the chic lining  in shot too. <this is now is style coverage, right?>

"Went looking for you, are you gone, gone..?" 

"Down at the car pound, it was so dismal….."

Really must drop some proper style stuff upon this place shortly. Plenty going on, but none that fits this brief. <tried to insert, did it hurt?>

Stubbs out.


Got the horn (shoe), in the fitting room, in the fitting room, where sun don't ever shine..

A&S have best/worst fitting rooms with special 360 degree arrangement. Elegant, correct and entirely truthful/revealing. Literally thought to self, who's the old fucker getting underdressed in jeans in the corridor,, was aye, sadly…trick of the mirror/real life. Brought Polo necks and proper shoes for fitting, like a non-savage should do.

Tek it Lead…

PS. Also liked this giant seersucker granddad shirt from Sir Smithy, too.


Smudgers giant seersucker shirt.

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