Morning Style Mongers. Hoping all is reasonable in your scenes. Gone back to see The Madre. Taking her key to her old house to hand over the new people/owners. End of an era don't really cover it, to be honest. Madre is okay though. Other stuff to think bout now. Been doing some final 'Loom-Looting. Don's tankard below for example.  IMG_1108

Donald Frederick Stubbs' tankard.

There's other bits, will update, but for now.. Been feeling this tune right now. You lot? Now Seymour put the Aux into the Aero, music scene all change. Flying down the M4 to this sort of thing now. What do to with multiple wads of battered CDs, one frets.

<insert some style stuff>

Sister Julie has cleared the Madres yard of all her, and Dons, gear. A relatively tough job on a couple of levels. I just bowl in for guest appearance and do some edited heirloom pilfering. Quite bad. Is life though. Meanwhile, looking at new yards in the Clapton manor. Is the next phase. Too exciting. 

Stubbs out.

PS. Saw my Cockney/Buddhist contingency over weekend. Now have new Dub CD as souvenir.

PSS. Fuckers went to see Lee Scratch Perry for his 80th without inviting me, though.