Morning Style Merchants. Was out&about, Speed Flanuering up&down the Albermarle yesterday, my favourite Mayfair Street. Not least for visits to MingCorp HQ, (with its towering premium biscuit count/bevy of seriously charming PR gals there in), not to mention relatively copious giant parking spaces and the best restaurant food in Mayfair courtesy of Gymkhana (click) no messing. Howeve's, my Alpha-raison was  to visit Paul Smiths gorgeous shop there on The Albers. IMG_0310

Lounge lame lizard skin. 

It's a really lovely place (sod saying 'space', as is so, so media bell-end) with some really smashing furniture too. Too, too lovely in fact, with an ambling, generous layout for collections and furniture alike. Didn't even make it down to the gallery, as tranced out on the garms. Actually rather digging the bronze/black 'cotton-lame' jacket below, but not sure if wise to be wearing at my age. Better suited to this bredrin..


Dalai lamé, Paul Smith ss16

Thought about it mind…Lamé <needs an accent, can't find the little bleeder. Found it, but now its got a line thru it, ffs.>, and things bit like lame-esque, are a trend for AW16 believe it or not. Smithy's aint actually lamé, its a sort of cotton blend of black/bronze (finding out exactly what) but you know what I mean? Also saw it at Kilgour, (see you) Pal Zileri & Zegna. Who'd have thought it? Regardless, this is all about Smith's for today, so lets have it right. Fellas, take it…

Somehow the coolest, streetest & sexiest of all The Smiths tracks, espesh the one that creeps up from revers fade. Anyway regardless if the people stare (and the people do stare) , think might get involved with this super soft, super light super dusty blush pink cotton-modal cashmere mix jacket from Paul Smith instead. The handle is remarkable, nothing to it, but feels doppio-gorg' on. What does man think? 


 Dusty-blushy cotton jacket- Paul Smith SS16

Anyway, when I came out, there was Sir Paul himself, other side of road, with a  moat that had formed in the parking bay outside his shop. He deftly vaulted the impromptu water hazard in his rubber soled off-white brogues and we had banter right there on the Albers'. SPS told me Albers' was first one way street in The Metropolis! Mental, no? (Stick this track on, team style, it helps with the pains, from gloves to clapping, yeah?).

Sir Smudger and I were rapping bout his ongoing travel suit project, as covered in my Sharpener column last week in The FT HowToSpendIt (click), or visit ThomasStubbs.Com and sniff the blighter-Sharper's out. His travel tailoring flies out to door, as the name would suggest, for both men and women.. Nice one S'Paul. 

paul smith BB975B47-E9A8-4369-BAE2-4AE08031F973

Travel suit update, sold as separates Paul Smith London SS16.

We also talked Gymkhana and was pleased to find SPS is a fan. He had met owner, and could confirm to me the fella was indeed Indian. A relief in this day and age, no?


 bronze cotton mix 'lamé' thing/double breasted Paul Smith SS16



 Dusty-blush brushed cotton-modal cashmere unstructured jacket Paul Smith London SS16

<not actually finished this yet, but the water & sun gods beckon man to da Lido..> Am back, hello..Meanwhile, we were also chatting bout his longer length mainline jackets. I'm bang into them, and wanted to know if they'd bought them. Apparently they have, but they must be a trickier sell, no? This is fractionally longer and elegant, same as bronze number.


 Paul Smith SS16 

He did ones that were almost Zoot-suit length. More volume in pants below.


Paul Smith SS16

And styled with narrow pants. more rock'n'roll that Zoot.


more length..Paul Smith SS16

This does raise the question bout the longer length jacket. What do you do with your trousers? If you're middle aged (spreading a bit) or a short arse (does happen), and you're doing longer jacket AND wide pants a la Zoot, you could just lost in all the fabric with no waist, no? Like someone who'd shrunk or something. Also to be consider that if wearing a bag/baggy/widie, a little short jacket actually often looks right, right? See todays column in The FT HowToSpendIt on Widies (wide trousers) if you like, with note from Christos Tolera, (click-mans The man who is loafing elegantly below. Talkin' trousers, I gotta fly. Life is slipping away, be it wide or narrow.

Stubbs out.

PS. Should have stayed on my arm, you little charmer


Permanent wide on: Christos Tolera (clicky)