Yes Style Mongers. R.I.P. Prince, as standard. Talk bout double serious B-side action: This is favourite Prince song. Erotic City. A 1984 B-side to  Lets Go Crazy. Is super nuts. The main version has brilliant sort of slow Chicago House-Jack base. This footage you wanna watch is below is live instruments over top of that, super cool-funky-chic but canna imbed the fucker. Click on linkage, though. Meanwhile, can't find other versh' on video to show. My failure. Excuse me. prince-and-the-revolution-erotic-city-make-love-not-war-erotic-city-come-alive-warner-bros-12

Oh wait. Its worked. Don't change a thing, just play it..


Coming back to this. Stay level, team style.

Stubbs out.

PS. Gonna try and enter a new realm today. Really am. Hope doesn't fuck everything up. Like caring two hoots bout style and all that, but it could. Lets see.

PPS. Did you notice all the people biggin' up the Queen for her birthday? Hilare. Lets make a list of the fuck-wits. It'll come in useful.




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