Morning Style Mongers. Style Merchant Rups is correct, see last post message, maybe I should have talked bout Princes' style. Didn't have time, only to pay tribute to the music. Apols. But couldn't help it. You know my belief that deep down music trumps style? In moments like this, thats how it goes down. Espesh' when busy. Seeing the footage of man like Prince in recent days, am partic' loving his work with avant garde tailoring teamed with strong millinery. Not least the example The Wrong Writer (click) AKA Holden UK, made me aware of. Had to put this down the bottom, though, as not Prince-centric enough/too many old fuckers in shot. Still no time to pay homage. If wanna see how Prince styled himself, Google image him, right? Its what I just did.  Liking him in tailoring right now, as he takes it somewhere so far from the boring old broker chic shite we're being served/are serving most of time. Love sexy, non?


Prince at Grannies

Like this a lot too. Little tie bar in there I think. Maybs.


Prince with matching shirt, tie, square, sort & hat.

Stubbs out.

A handful of Rock legends are all playing "While My Guitar Gentle Weeps" in tribute to Beatle George Harrison. Then Prince comes on and blows the whole fucking old man gaggle off the stage. He is wearing  wicked <?> suit and <?> hat. Totally diggin' the stage persona he is pushing here, as well as his sartorial stance.

Prince blows the mothers off the stage, stylistically and in guitar terms. brace selves.



Proper Fly.

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