Morning Style Mongers. No time for too much proper style & thing right now, but just these tunes to mark the arrival of Spring, right? Spring is in session. Spring is in session. Desert chic a g'wan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=va4WsrZJRNk

Saw this Balmain jacket back in the winter and thought it was wicked then. It is, and plan to give it a go, somehow. Urban desert safari is how to take the look. Right? Nice loafers, bit of jewellery bit of tan: To be paired with general flash summer bits/bins and maybe a flamboyant scarf, Yves style.  Seen?


Balmain desert kimono SS16

Would probably swerve the gladiator sandals for most occasions, though. Whats good bout desert field jackets or shirts is their straight up masculinity, a great foil to the horrid, lurid tourist vista of garms on viddies when travelling. Sports wear travel antidote, also. Best not nause it, tho.


Basically, the desert safari look's all about field jackets. When have they not been good, mind? There's a ton of 'em around for SS16. Maybe means something deserty. C.P. used to do the best field jackets. Not so this season. But keeping the faith. Off to see them later. Big hopes…This is Bottega

Botega Veneta field _ARC0561

Bottega Venetta SS16 'haze' gaberdine field jacket.

Is actually good. Had the suede on on Freddie Hunt and it looked double good. Might reveal that later, illegally.. Haze suede, ffs. Very gorg'. Lets see if anyone even notices that have published the shot? Sweeney chinos, TAG Heuer Hunt kettle, Smedders as standard, and John Lobb boots. There- there's some style for you right there.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 08.31.45

Freddie in BV.

Seeing two of my films star bods this week, probably both today, so shouldn't be doing this, should be doing them. That said. its not all been work

Stubbs out.

PS. Kimono chic is also gonna be a thing, but one thing at time. For now dig desert and the music team style….

PPS. Fabian track comes courtesy of The Dub Cod. Shout out Micky Richards.

Balmain kimono shirt

Balmain kimono desert safari thing shot back some point in the miserable winter. And wasn't it a right shitter this time round?


Belstaff Goat Skin field jacket SS16