Morning Style Merchants.  Hoping all is banging away well out there. Stick Fazon on by Sopwith Camel to get correct mood for today, right? Sunday styled Holden in McQueen look for forthcoming Premiere of Alice Through Das Looking Glass which he was involved in the writing of. Stuck him in this DB McQueen affair. Obvs, lengthening das sleeve lengthen. Dark navy shirt open neck is my proscription. What say yous? IMG_0020

Holden Through The Looking Glass

Holdens been at The Row today getting his arms shortened/sleeves  lengthened. Also in Row matters, I go Anderson&Sheppard for second fitting on new whistle. Shall update ya there, if give you a monkeys that is.  Fazon is wicked tune, no? So, so fav current tune. There are others though…

Some Hipster style: More friendship led brotherly style is coming with a 'Stick Walk' with Massey from Mayfair to James Smith&Sons to get his 40th birthday walking stick present from me corrected to his hip height. Am taking Grandad Frederick Thomas Stubbs ivory cane to have new silver tip put on it, which is missing. Will report from the cutting edge there too.


 FTS: Bare face caner.

Also listen to this below by Robert Wyatt if you can. Its how I am hoping I can stay feeling. Bring it G-Power. Bring it. Take it Bobby..

Stubbs is out in The Metropolis, doing style stuff with my brothers.

What else could there be?


Holden and the birds.