Morning Style Merchants. Went across The Metropolis to The Little Venice annual May Day Water Carnival annual  thing to link old pals from West London on Saturday. It was very good to see them. An old fella was making a bloody good noise in the One-Man-Band format in a big drinking tent, with people singing along. Arrived and he was playing Leaving Of Liverpool. Really got to me. Instantly and deeply. In a good way, and starting singing along myself straight off. A happy, true moment.

Totes reminded me of Don Stubbs, my Dad. He used to sing it all the time. Spoke to Madre later and she said she missed Dad singing all the time. Very sweet. Big shout out to man like Don Stubbs!


 Having it Barge- looks like we were only bods there, but we weren't. Honestly, we weren't.

I couldn't get this song out me head yesterday. Found it very emotional indeed. Don't know why exactly, but this one mainlines straight to Don. Was good to feel something though. Shot below is from a little while ago of Mary, Don, & my sister, Julie. 

Mum, Dad & Julie

 Stubbs crew, Dudley Road, Wimbledon, circa 1957. 

A little later the old fella did 'Puttin' On The Style', which my Mum would sing a bit. My old flat mate from back in the day was amazed I new (most of) the words. This made me laugh and am gonna be talking to Mum bout it all weekend. Big old emotional sing song day, no? Soz, if you did want some style content, but can only manage the title of this song below this time and the shot above. Limiting, non? Back with style idea tomorrow/later. Promise. Right now am having family moment. Try MrPorter for clothes maybe..meanwhile, Lonnie, tek it away, this ones for you Mary.

Puttin' on the Agony is such funny lyric. It works for right now too, don't cha think? Have smashing Monday, you lot. 

Stubbs out.

PS. Note to you young folks, this genre is called Skiffle and was double popular, double back in the day.