Morning Style Merchants. Hope all is looking bright for May. Putting together a new plan of action. Lets see what happens. Optimistic. Solutions are so potentially varied its both thrilling and daunting prospect. Thraunting. Just gonna engage in load of new stuff and see what reveals itself. Obvs needs some new style stances to run alongside this. Let ya know, if you up for it loggin' on. I did have Fred Locks & The Creations Steppers right up here, but Fairport Convention had to be moved up. Simply, too, too on the money for today… do listen-its lovely music for new soft style plans.

Just bought this shirt to liven up my potential LC:M stances. Is by Camoshita (click). Fabric has a gorgeous hand, in cotton/silk/linen. Dry and lovely, slightly faded like its vintage. Really does feel like from different place/era- not the pony, pedestrian mainstream. Colours are gorg' too. Might stick under my new Anderson&Sheppard three piece flannel number that picking up tomozza. Double excited bout that, hoping is gonna be new era of drape-luxe. You likey? Yo must play Fairport Convention though, regardless. Must.


Camoshita cotton/linen/silk shirt.

Between this shirt look, Fred's lyrics and the ones from F.C. below is where am having a go at existing, for now. Second biggest question is, which boot to stride it out in? See Louis Leemans, double below. Exley reckons the suede. "Leather could be way too much cowboy.  Suede is far more graceful." Think da girl is right, you know.

Stubbs out.

PS. Some style notes below Fred Locks & The Creation Steppers. What a name.

Trying to focus on "Mind what you're doin'."  Also "Watch the things you're saying'rest should be a breeze..

Suede or leather? The new Leeman brothers…

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 13.06.54

Louis Leeman leather boot, called Jim I think.

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 13.06.39

Louis Leeman suede boot, also Jim?