Morning Style Mongers. Stick on The Captain and take it as a theme for your weekend. I am. Too, too much up beat psychedelic Beefheart mentalness to ignore. On that note, am meeting the monster later, except its me, and it's my sister who's meeting it. Only kidding, of course: Its gonna be top family serene stuff. Ben Pontin from the Keynsham Massive is gonna link, and now Cousin Kate in the Endz too. Much family action. In similar vein, shout out to man like Snuffers AKA Simon Monk top flight Style&Error Style Merchant and  Rankin' Modernist from back in the day. Loyalist 'reader/activist' and a big support for me. He is 40 years old tonight, and this track is for him. Take El Capo

Summer Parkas in The HowToSpendIt this weekend if you're interested, actually approaching readablish for once (click). My favs are below, there are more too. We've included Phil Daniels as Jimmy in Quardaphenia too, which is a first/ground breaking cultural ting for The Sharpener visuals, frankly.


Jimmy in Quadrophenia- played by Phil Daniels, 1979


 E.Tautz AW16. 

Shall I same some stuff bout Summer Parka style? Its summer and there's some good parkas out there. Love Tautz ones particularly. Was a pink one in the window of Duke Street shop a while ago. Was totally brilliant.  There. Done. 


Joseph AW16

So, have a wicked weekend, Simon.

Stubbs out.

PS. Can you see the real me? Not awfully sure, but having a bloody good look these days. Is shocking stuff. Go to bottom for The Who, they were rather good you know.


Phil Daniel gets his eye-line right.

Corneliani parka parachute _COR0209

Corneliani AW16