Morning all you Style Mongerinos. How good is this track by William Onyeabor with David Byrne & Money Mark?  Its on The Tonight Show, with that bloke Jimmy Fallon. They joined William's band The Atomic Bomb! Band. Quite mental. They all played down the Southbank last August. Missed. What the fuck was I doing? Fantastic klutz. Regardless, there are clothes to go in this post too, but lets kick off the music. Bill&Dave, tek it

Lyrics are brilliant. "Now I want you to tell me how I look!? You look like a Fantastic Man!" almost make a good title for a mag or something . …lots more to talk bout re William. No time, so just watch and listen to him I suppose.


A super good question?

Saw a brand called Mr&Mrs Italy in Milan. Its fantastic, man.  Outwear classics reworked in wicked fabrics, including washed leathers adorned with patches, appliqué stuff and painted on designs. How good does this look?


Mr&Mrs Italy leather bomber. 

Peace, love and appliqué to all men.

Stubbs out.

PS. Check this classic from William: Atomic Bomb. Heavyweight.

More Mr&Mrs Italy below..