Evening Style Mongers. I can't keep up with this- you might have noticed. What can I say? London Collection:Men starts again tomozza. Seems like only yesterday, right? Except it's a whole world away too now- A totally different dimension from the last one, in some ways. This song is quiet lovely, right? Just like a ship and all that. It'll do us for now.

Pastor T.L.Barrett and his youth singers. Yes the Pastor. The choirs a bit pony/shrill/wrong at times, and still somehow brilliant. A bit like life. But I know we can make it. I've got something on desert chic out on the HowToSpendIt today. Might see if can rustle up a look to go with myself.


Lawrence Of Arabia- waiting for ship of the desert.

I'm a different person this season, just don't feel the same. SS16 is all change. Something new is trending. Cant explain it all right now, but am finding the fashion&style carousel pretty, pretty daunting tonight. Then again, what could really go wrong? I still like clothes though. Don't worry. Not given up the cause. Got this Missoni linen shirt number finally delivered. Only took DHL 7 attempts. Doorbell failure didn't exactly help. Insane energies used on its journey. Its all about the journey. Just make sure you're getting there. My life door bell has been broken for sometime- could have been the problem? Kept missing deliveries or opening it for the wrong callers all together. Shirt is from Feeling this deserty/sandy colour scheme no end at mo'.


Missoni brown linen stripe shirt.

Gonna go to bed, with my book (see last post) and work out and acceptable look to go with shit. Night you lot.

Stubbs out.


Got a new thing to go on a chain: No.10 talisman key. Binary: 1 & nothing. Hoping thats all gonna need for now.