Morning Style Mongers. Just got off the last train into Euston from Manchester from work. Almost Midnight. The only thing I care about right now is remaining immersed in The Midnight Bell a novel by Patrick Hamilton. Its one part of the trilogy called Twenty Thousand Streets Under The Sky. These are all set in&around a pub in Euston.  6597430

Midnight Bell cover.

Hamiltons language is so carefully and beautifully chosen, its sort of invisible and only exists as correct and perfectly descriptive. Nothing surplus or distracting. Unlike my inclusion of these runway images featuring wide brimmed black hats and black clothes. 


Saint Laurent AW16.

Am also locked into the play of it all. And that is that. It's totes mesmerising. It has removed any/all unwanted presences, when am reading actually it. I am grateful that am slow reader.


Bottega Veneta AW16

Even the title is brilliant, no?


Stubbs out.


Saint Laurent AW16.