Evening Style Merchants. You seen how this month panning out in UK? Its gonna rain. Trust, its gonna come down pretty heavily at some point as well as it is bizarrely now for  June. Fancy something different? Stick on the coat below on by Sealup and It's Gonna Rain by Reich and see how it fits. Take it Steve..

Steve Reich- Its Gonna Rain.

What with recent torrents, been thinking bout the rain. Am double digging the Explorer Trench from Sealup. With bonded wool flannel lining, lapels and collar and cotton drill water repellent outwear. Also has a plush, removable fox-fur leather interior and additional collar trim. Adore Sealup. Such a good brand, with totally cool product. Sealup open a new shop on Via Brera in Milan come September. S.o…cool, yeah?

Explorer Trench (2)

Sealup Explorer Trench.

In other news, am interviewing Patrick Grant, the menswear designer, at the Hoxton Hotel in Holborn, next Tuesday, (click). More light notes to come with next downpour.

Stubbs out.

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