Evening Style Mongers. This is all can manage at the moment. Having to step away from certain activities and even pretending to do regular style posts on here appears to be one, for just a while. Might add to it, as got some good stuff to mention, but for now, here's something that made me happy, smile and cry Sunday morning by The The. The LC:M is over, and it was lovely, thanks.  Today was the day I wanted to make to in one piece. Been dreading it with dread for many reasons for about a (fashion) season. Just under. Its done.

Silly really. Talking of which, check out Matt Johnson's blow dry. Charming and hopeful song though, no?

Clip this link for a click from Aitors show, was a haunting, superb spectacle.

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Stubbs out.


Ed Skrein & I on Jermyn Street for John Smedley yesterday. His Mum, Maggie, came too, and frankly it was lovely way to spend an L.C.M. Monday lunchtime. Went of to Thom Sweeneys from here, which was properly heavyweight.

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