Morning Style Mongers. Just to confirm, I'm in with The In Crowd, I go where the In Crowd goes etc.. in todays case, its Paris. Wonder if they'll let us out again if we vote out? Might have to plot in with the out crowd.  Was exciting being in a polling station for such significant gig. Resisted urges to take 'significant' pictures of everything and tried to say in the moment.


There's more good lyrics you know?

"I'm in with the "In" crowd And I know what the "In crowd knows (How to have fun!) Any time of the year, donґt you hear? (How to have fun!) Dressin' fine, makin' time…"

so, so Paris Mens Fashion Week, non? "We breeze up and down the street We get respect from people we meet They make way day or night They know the "In" crowd is out of sight.."

Stubbs In.

<Expect more…>