Morning Style Mongers. Plenty good stuff to be getting on with, so that's just what gonna do. Bowling bout town in rain under DAKS umbrella with new client Rob Brydon earlier in week was a hoot and very productive. Not sure what to share bout it though. Fillet steak cooking with Holden also good life-living, though fear fractionally overcooked the meats, made a lemon faux par too. Note. Not a dessert in itself. but an error of execution. instead. Served him authentic vanilla 'Remo' Italian gelato, which received much maligning as looked quite a lot like a pomade in its 50's glass jar. Once tries to little avail…Meanwhile, have got Miles' soundtrack to Elevator To The Gallows implanted in my head though. So that is that. Went to see a play on Friday at The Barbican and that did it. Think mentioned it in last 'post'.  elevator-miles and moreau

Jeanne Moreau (stars in film) & Miles Davis (composed and played soundtrack) 

I better get and see the film, or shut the fuck up 'bout it, no? Stick it on, would you? Then help me consider my check list for the moment: shut up get/see film, work out destination/plan for holiday/journey and drop outfit ideal for mean streets of Clapton/Mayfair. Easy does it, right? 


Tautz SS17

Gonna book a holiday somewhere this week. Suggestions  welcome. Expecting the soundtrack to come with. Probably won't book Paris. Liking this Tautzian number.. Current theme is still playing..  <Insert style comment/imagery>


Goucho shirt chic is coming for SS17. Look. Proof.


Missoni SS17

Stubbs out.

P.S In the end stuck my Tautz maroon parka over Missoni shirt with revisited Gucci snaffles (post rain apocalypse from Wednesday-fed them orange gear/goo and now a better colour, would you believe it?), and the thing worked. Was tobacco, lilic a and maroons melange- worked out. Was new enough to amuse me for a the day/session. easily pleased perhaps.


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