Evening/Morning Style Mongers. It was hot today/yesterday. Unrelentingly. Too hot to write. Or apply self. A worthy excuse. Work difficult to concentrate on. My fault. I'm too hot to brief crew even. Gone back to a lone wolf unit of one for today, self employed, self mediating/medicating as best I can. Freedom is not to be sniffed at. I never sniff at it. They wouldn't let man into the Lido, though-I called too, too late…. Friends wouldn't let me go to Panama or Costa Rica on holiday on my own, also. Its was called- too, too early (am quite glad, for now). In the end compelled to train in the mad close heat of the garden. In the end had to run in the madder blast heat of The Downs- just then was all could do to get an iota of control over myself. Nothing else. bowie-ziggy-photo-studio

Bowie in asymmetric Kanasai Yamamoto ensemble. I love an ironing board in the work place.

A relentlessly propelled river of stuff flows through my head and I can't divert it, almost ever. 'This time last year..' prompts the river etc. 'What if..' 'why that..' floats the river of considerations. Things are fine mind. I don't really mind. An ideal time to observe the process, apparently. Looking forward to the process of some sort of mental-dam being constructed. This is song is damn good, suggested an iota of free-thought while free on Downs. Stick it on, if you will. Don't know who Kev' is, don't care but likey Harlem River. Regardless if is on/off hot/or not, am 'working' on a Japanese style idea. Perhaps I should visit Iota for my holiday and call it research.


Late, late on exhaustion is also good, because then the river stops being the main event. Observe. Am trying, but now am spent, can try and try on this Japanese style/Kimono style theme was also supposed to be working on. There is some brilliant menswear taking it as inspiration.  Just when I do that, magically -bang!… I remember the major protagonist of my story. Its dear Dave, of course. Then I find some really, really good Dave stuff. This is far more than merely an Iota. But then it is very late..


Cape by Kanasai Yamamoto

I'll never forget the day you died, Dave. The whole day was ill from the moment of waking to the miserable, schnied end and right throughout, too. Miz'. Totes miz' and confused to hell too. Death and dislocation on a Monday. Fractured and on edge. Not the cool on edge either. A sickness right through. Lets give thanks that moment has passed. 

Thank  you dear David Bowie.


Volume control: David Bowie & Kanasai Yamamoto at a fitting. Note how Yamamoto's knit is same motif as Dave in famous asymmetric look with hoops, top picture.

Stubbs out.

PS. Wanna see some Japanese/Kimono inspired menswear?

PPS. Going The Financial Times Board room for lunch,  facing two directions, up&down The River Thames. As a host mind. No time for internal flow today.

PPPS. Going Prom 7 tonight. Gabriel Fauré. Stravinsky. Poulenc- lots of singing and that. Taking that Jim Massey fella.