Afternoon Style Merchants. Doing some research into my void and into Japanese style at same time, so where better for a man to visit than these two tracks from Heroes. As am so very immersed/busy, managed to find Dave doing Sense Of Doubt on German program Breman. Also looks like Brian in background on keyboards, but maybe not.

Dave's wearing a Japanese inspired bowling shirt crossed with a Kimono, partic' sleeve wise, and realised in highly modern, both then and now, ombre type two tone fabric. Double interesting stuff, espesh today, what with work and that. See rare style product inclusion below.

Dries MrPorter 724753_mrp_in_l

Dries Van Notten merino jacquard cardigan off of MrPorter, but in the future..

There's Moss Garden, too, if we'r really ratcheting the mood up. Just don't want fracture me void.,. The sound of these two are really cutting through the relative quiet of today, as, I've begun to resent the relentless Radio, that I've had on as back ground anaesthetic for years. Foolish years, silly noise-anaesthetic. Regardless, this is great. Play that Koto Dave, play it..

<good, a space, hard to get these days. working on this shit. bear with..>


Tim Soar top using vintage Kimono Silk. Well lovely and shot live in Chatsworth Road, E5.

<more stuff here too, pictures words, all sorts>


Visvim padded coat with kimono influence.

Soz bout the numerous holes, but admit I'm quite glad to get anything down frankly. More than my editors got today. Pesky void scene..

Stubbs out.


<PS. insert more void here>