Morning Style Mongers. Just when you're trying to give up the tabs, smoking suddenly presents itself in a fresh, more exciting way-in than ever before, no? Was at Dunhill's archive in Walthamstow yesterday, sniffin' about, and this lighter lives there. Elvis's one paled in to insignificance comparatively in light of the lighter  and his didn't sing a tune the or anything. Pablo's light has an engraved drawing of his Muse/Squeeze Dora Maar on it by him, seen? IMG_5457

Doing something on Dunhills evening wear. Its actually this season in real time now, remember this (click) ? <can't insert link, ffs. Oh, wait, its gone in…anyway,  gonna put some more stuff in here later. Truman Capote dinner suit etc…Please hang on to yourselfs>

Stubbs out plotted in the garden in silence with my void.

NB. Making friends with the void, then can go on holiday to south of France with it. Holiday lodge till September as Clapton and my pals are just too too lovely to leave. E5 Fact.

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