Morning Style Mongers. Apols for persistent neglect/reader-voidance, but sure you've been holding it up without me. Been simmering here right in the void and double loving it I have to concede. Am a void dweller, super content, and thats who I am. Hopefully some creativity and verve gonna stem from it. There's been some style stuff a g'wan too, mind. Visited Tim Everest's bespoke gaff on Elder Street in Spitalfields one rainy/sunny day last week and so loved that. Got some plans to execute with Tim Timma', (don't cut me pleats any slimmer).. Timothy_Everest_atelier_3

Timothy Everest's bespoke living room on Elder Street. Serious rad scene.


Nutters suit at Timothy Everest which had come back via some sort of mysteries trade off..

Thursday took the tall man Marko to get shirted by Emma Willis, so much more to come from tall art-world.. And as a bridging back story to both been thinking a lot 'bout wide pants, despite getting self in corner with The HTSI and having to give testimony on why skinny/to the body is best. Tricky stuff. For now, have this for your ears from Kutiman and will be back after a break for actual work.

.. <these notes are just to get me started and will put all the content in later, yeah? Style, music, stuff..>


Tommy Nutter & Cilla Black in Nutter.

Stubbs out.

PS. £5 for both bunches of Gladi's below. Too, too good, no?

PPS. also finally (after 6 years) started dealing with my Jurgen Teller in earnest #stylecellarscene. Totes unblocking.


Gladioli scene- Live from Lavinia Villa, early hours Monday morning.