Morning Style Mongers. Hope all is doppio well. Am back from Sard' with some new thoughts. Now have whittled you down to a loyal handful of readers via persistent neglect (hello there Julie (sister) hope that troublesome rose bush client scene sorted itself. Shout out man like Holden (literary carer) good to roll with ya at F.T. Festival),  I've got some plans. So stick on The Sabbath and lets float off.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DW3pZjmS3rg

Six days I went swimming in the big sea off coast of Sardinia, and was only there for five nights. It got bigger each day. Something had changed and it felt super special. Maybe cos sea was so clear and I had my goggles on. Clear googles, in fact. Maybe its cos something else has cleared. I felt like could swim for miles, so I did. Swimming felt like meditation. I would pick a rock far from the beach, the other side of the bay, and swim out to it. Then sit on it. Then think a bit. Then pick another. In between plots the rhythm of the swim became compelling and effortless and felt like arms could go on for ages. Felt like was very much at one with the sea and he massive volume of water. I could feel the spirit of my old man too, Donald Stubbs, who so loved to swim. It was his thing, and his Dad's thing. They used to go to some pond on Wimbledon Common (checking as think is diff') and swim. Must have been mentally cold, not like the Lido. I swear we connected a bit through these swims last week. It was sad, too, as we didn't connect in real world too much, especially after about 1978. But now with the swimming I feel I can be a bit nearer or more in synch with Dons scene. I am more sympathetic to Dons scene. Maybe he was meditating. He never really said.


Bare essentials: Persol & Speedo, last week.

With some of this in mind, I am now on a pilgrimage to find my soul.  Seriously. Might swim some of it, but not all. Don't think its gonna be found actually in style, but gonna wear plenty of clothes while I look. What else am I gonna do? When I find said soul, am gonna make friends with it. The next think after that  is private, for now.

<style image, probably >

So anyway, while/after was swimming, I got some new ideas, yeah, if you're both still paying attention? Doing a gallery of some of my favourite menswear bits from many of my favourite brands. They will be for sale. Gonna call it StubbsEditions.


Return of the Video Style Stance.

Also gonna do go back to videoing and interviewing men on their style. Largely gonna be style industry bods, and it will be a bit like the old Style Stances that are on here. Plan to put them on StubbsEditions too. Will probably put the rough cuts on here. Things will remain rough on here though I reckon. Cant cope with slick. Always nause it up when I try for slick. So rough and real on here, new mens style stuff with some video on StubbsEditions. Roger that?

Stubbs out.


Next big thing, the trousers on this suit: With Head Cutter Freddie from Timothy Everest.



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