Morning Style Mongers. Think had the longest, calmest summer ever managed. Feels like got 'bout a bonus 2.5 days a week to rattle about with due to not going actually mental once. Shame in some ways, miss it,  but there's benefits. Am going mental 'bout these Rubinacci Manny shorts however. Properly Radio Raheem (click). Love them. Love. Even though summer pretty much done, we've been granted a short reprieve this week with tons of sun. Gonna flex 'em as much as possible. For example busted bright green pair to Hackney Carnival with Lyall, his daughter Tui and the dog Treacle Sunday. A modest, very approachable affair compared to its big, aggro cousin cross the town. Most agreeable we found it. Ridley Road was alive with people, food and two systems. Didn't get chance to linger but was good, pretty calm and warm. Did have jerk chicken but never made back for curry goat.  FullSizeRender

Carnival basements: Travis Pickle featuring jungle canopy.

Cant get a link on The Neapolitans site to shorts, but they do longs too, also cool. Rubinacci call them Manny trousers (click-mans), but they're really known as Gurkha pants it seems, with the double cross over strap on higher waist belt thing going on. Loving that green, no?


Straps thread through and buckle at the sides, which seems like pain but isn't  and take belt out of equation. This waistband scene keeps things nice and neat and nice and high, and of course its all bout das pleats right now. Scene. Cant see it in the Travis Perk shot at top, but included as the weather was so lovely, magic hour, just had to get that snap. Oh yes, better stick on GSH, yes? It's doppio gorge' for this weeks Indian summer reprieve. Thanks Gil.

<talking of Indian summers, mention Mohammed's trays across the road Biriani gesture?>


Manny Shorts, Dem- Rubinacci

Not actually wearing shorts with the parka below real time,  just trying it on yesterday when 'working'. Not gonna mention parka label, too niche, but will in bout November. Don't dwell on it, but tan gone by then, so shame to waste shot, right.


Short reprieve continues..

Shorts are in super soft brushed cotton drill and feel rather super on. They're a seriously game-changing shorts flex if ask me. Am actually thinking bout going away to South of France for six days to flex them again before another year is over. Let ya know on that. Might need an excuse, suggestions welcome. 


To tell ya the truth never can get enough of Lady Day&John Coltrane, though. Found self driving round the manor mid evening, roof off with this on and made me so so happy. For starters there's that sound. Then there's:

"Ever feel kinda down and out, you don't know just what to do Livin' all of your days in darkness let the sun shine through Ever feel that somehow, somewhere, you've lost your way And if you don't get help quick you won't make it through the day.."

Maybe best if played it..


<some space. we all need space>

Getting my shorts from MrPorter, I feel I should mention.

will finish this later, yeah?

Stubbs out.



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