Mornign Style Mongers. Admit I'm Dave-Lazy: Never properly immersed self in Blackstar. Have now. Went Michael Clark twice, Friday, and Wednesday last week, and got immersed. The Satie bit at the beginning seemed way better second time too. 

A bit stalwart to nouveau Yoga ballet perhaps. Looked a trifle too shaky on Friday too, though some must have been intentional, and Clarky asking nay on impossible stuff of his company, am reasoning.

<See BlackStar Belwo> "Why have they got tails?" M.C, asked Brix after the show. "Cos they're cat peoples" was the reply. Explained.

When Michael Clark's Company dance to certainmusic, they can make you listen better. The music ends up better in my ears after,. Quite nuts, but it does. This for example. So much more procussion is out in the front for me. now. The sort of North African sax started to sound brilliant in this

<these are missing notess>

<but this post doing my head in>

Might stop and start again.

Stubbs out.