Happy Christmas Style Mongers. Hoping you lot are double well. Please excuse the month breather but been in research & development, of life, more than style. Am currently languishing in the old 'hood. It's bang lovely to be with the family, obvs. This moment feels tangibly important in ways which I had lost touch with, possibly never really grasped before. Which is good. That said, am heading back to the Metropolis, very shortly. Might catch Midnight in Lavinia Villa on Christmas day, which will be a first. For the road, am taking Tom Tom Club's Christmas in The Club and two doses of Words & Music off of The BBC Radio 3 (click). Check it for a tranquil fix. Best program on radio, which I might have mentioned before.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSLtJxlVrD4

Here's a long overdue style update: gifted the Madre a Temberley at John Lewis leopard pussy bow blouse, and to be honest when she opened it rather fancied a go on it myself. Black and nude leopard print with flouncy ruffed sleave thing and collar. She's been doing doppio and trippio leopard loads of recent, so its hers to keep, of course, but if it comes up good in a size 16. I'm in. Back to J.L. first thing tomz. No quibbles.


Just tried it on back at her old folks home and stuck in on The Insta'. Think am double likely to go fetch it in another size 14 if they got it. Plan to drop it under tailoring, as dont want to get to blousey. That would be daft. Coul work though, no? Under somethig check or bit textured, spewing out the front/top? Nein? will giving it a go regardless, as gotta massive white sheepskin rug to swap for smaller one, perhaps, as is dominating any room I stick it in. Of the two rooms that is. Note, am home now. Made it back to the L.V. for Midnight. Got some Boxing Day manifesto to lay down on here so stay tuned, both of ya.

Happy Mistlemas.

Stubbs out. 


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