Evenign Style Mongers. How is it a g'wan? Am slipping out shortly in the Hackney Friday night do get myself some fresh, stranger Style Stances. Quite keyed up for it as it goes, as it could be rubbish- in which case some of plans would be a trifled scuppered. Adrenaline is good. A plan is good. Mangal is good, by way of self reward.


'Style Stance' Stalker Stance, with C.P.Company cinched padded coat and DAKS cash' scarf.

This my current Stance Stalker Stance am busting, but thinking might not have the right accent to get the Friday night crew on board with 'working' with me.

Jonthan Richman Singing bout bars and dancing.

If fancy it post Mangal, might slip down Lyalls gaff/Vogue Fabrics Dalston. Wont dance though. Honest.  

Stubbs out.

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